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What is Hema Free Gel Polish?-The Ultimate Guide

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So. what is hema-free gel polish? Hema-free polish is a gel product that does not contain hema which is a common ingredient that can lead to gel allergy symptoms. Below, I’ll discuss what hema is, the benefits of using hema-free products, and where to find hema-free gels.

What is hema free gel polish?

What is Hema and Why is it in Gel Products?

Hema is a tiny chemical found in gel products that helps that gel stick better to your natural nail plate. It is generally inexpensive and high levels of hema are found in cheaper gel nail polishes.

Note: Some brands list Hema as the ingredient or 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate. Both are different names for Hema.

Why Can Hema Cause an Allergic Reaction?

The main cause of hema allergic reactions is due to the small molecular size of hema. Its small size allows it to absorb easily into your skin. If uncured gel gets onto your skin, this is how hema can be absorbed into your body(especially gels with high levels of hema monomer). Over time, this build-up of hema can cause an allergic reaction for some people.

Note: The British Association of Dermatologists wrote a paper warning about the problem of hema in a research paper in 2018.

What are Hema Free Gels?

Hema-free gels are gels that don’t contain the hema monomer. They generally use alternatives to hema like di-hema or other ingredients(oligomers) that are larger and have a much more difficult time absorbing into your skin. This is why using hema-free products puts you at less risk of having a gel nail allergy.

Can Cheap Gel Be Hema Free?

Hema is an ingredient in gel that helps it stick better to the nail and is fairly inexpensive. When a brand is hema-free, the alternatives to hema like di-hema are more expensive ingredients. So, it would be difficult for a cheap gel product to be hema-free because they would have to increase their pricing. Brands with hema-free or low hema gel products have that reflected in their pricing. 

Will Hema Free Gels Completely Prevent Gel Nail Allergies?

Using hema-free gels can certainly reduce your chances of getting gel allergies. But remember, hema is not the only allergen product found in gel polish. It is still incredibly important to have a proper application process to avoid allergic skin reactions. Using a hema-free gel incorrectly can still result in allergies. It will just take longer. If you want more information about 8 easy ways to prevent gel nail allergies, check out my post here(e.g.right UV lamp).

What Are the Benefits of Using Hema-Free Gels?

The main benefit is that hema-free gels use larger ingredients that don’t absorb into your skin very easily. This makes it harder for them to get into your system and cause an allergy. 

What brands are Hema Free?

Brands that have hema-free gels are brands like Apres and the Mancurist do have hema-free options.

Apres Extend Gel Sensitive

The Manicurist Gel Polishes

Note: Brands like Light Elegance and Glitterbels do have a wider range of hema-free gel polishes, but they are only available to nail technicians and nail professionals.

What if Your Favorite Gel Brand is Not Hema Free?

Hema-free gels are great at reducing your allergy risk. But so is using higher quality gel products. Higher quality gel products like Function of Vex and Kokoist contain high quality ingredients  However, I would recommend being very cautious about using cheaper gel nail products. These tend to have high levels of hema and are more likely to cause allergic reactions.


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