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The Ultimate How to 5 Step Guide for Liquid Chrome Nails

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Do you want your nails to shine like polished metal but without the mess of powders? If you’re nodding along, then you’re in for a treat! Liquid chrome nails are the answer to your nail art dreams. They’re simple, they’re shiny, and they’re way less messy than the traditional chrome powder method. In this guide, I’ll walk you through five super-easy steps to achieve the iconic liquid chrome nail look you’ve been craving (especially the chrome you’ve seen on acrylic nails on Instagram).

Liquid chrome nail with the mirror like effect

Step 1: Applying the Gel Base Color

Start off by prepping your nails and applying a base color of your choice. You can get creative with colors, as I did with the pink. But if you want an easy way to get that extra pop, go for white or black gel polish as your base. These base colors give you the ultimate metallic chrome look. After you apply your color gels, make sure to cure your nails fully in between each coat under the UV lamp(60 seconds is standard but check your bottle). The base color I used is B990 from Beetles Gel Nails.


Gel polish is required in this process. Regular nail polish will not work.

Pink base color applied

Step 2: Seal the Deal with Non-Wipe Top Coat

Now that you’ve got your base color is good to go, it’s time to seal them with a non-wipe gel top coat. It’s incredibly important that the gel topcoat is non-wipe. If you use a  top coat that requires wiping or skip this step, your chrome nails will not come out right. So apply it over your gel color and cure it under the light. The topcoat I used is the “High Def Gloss Gel Topcoat” from Function of Vex (you can find more info about it on their website).


Be careful when mixing and matching different uv gel brands. Beetles gel worked with F(vex) top coat gel. But sometimes, if the gel isn’t going on your nails correctly and you used different brands, it’s better to use a basic color gel and nonwipe gel from the same brand.

Non wipe gel topcoat is applied

Step 3: Bring on the Liquid Chrome Magic 

Now, here comes the fun part! Open up that liquid chrome and generously spread it over your UV gel nails. Think of it like painting your nails with a super shiny liquid. After you’ve got the chrome on, give it a few seconds to dry. The shade I used is called “Spring Fling” from Function of Vex (you can find more details about this shade on their website too).


Function of Vex Liquid chrome comes with an applicator. However, if you are using one in a jar, a makeup sponge or a brush may be required in the application process.

The liquid chrome is applied with a brush

Step 4: Get Your Rub-On Game On

Once the liquid chrome has had a few moments to dry, it’s time to work your magic. Use your dry fingers to gently rub the chrome in. Imagine you’re giving your nails a little massage, but instead of lotion, you’re working in that gorgeous liquid chrome nail powder.

Chrome is being rubbed in with a dry finger

Step 5: The Final Touch: Non-Wipe Top Coat and Cure

We’re almost there! To make sure your liquid chrome finish last, apply a thin coat of gel top coat one more time. And don’t forget, seal the free edge of your natural nails to secure your nail look even more.

This is the finished liquid chrome look

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Chrome nails are a cool and easy nail style that beginners can do without going to a nail salon. But if you want your chrome nails to have the iconic metallic finish, then here are four mistakes you should steer clear of. This will help you get the best results.

  1. Not using Enough Chrome: Don’t hold back! Be generous when applying the liquid chrome. Take the applicator and rub it all over your nails. The first time I did a chrome gel manicure, I applied very little chrome. Let’s just say my chrome nails had some empty spaces:)
  2. Oily Fingers: If your fingers are feeling a bit greasy, your chrome might not rub in properly. Give your fingers a quick wipe with isopropyl alcohol to make sure they’re clean and ready for chrome action.
  3. Letting the Chrome Dry for Too Long: You want your chrome to dry a little for a few seconds. However, if you let it completely dry, the chrome will not rub into your nails at all. You won’t see any mirror effect.
  4. Not using a Non-Wipe Topcoat: Using a non-wipe topcoat is crucial. If you don’t use it, Chrome won’t work. Also, you don’t want to rub your fingers in a sticky layer of gel which can lead to allergies over time:( (More Info on Avoiding Gel Nail Allergies)

What Shades of Liquid Chrome can I use?

Chrome comes in a variety of shades. Below are the liquid chrome options the Function of Vex offers.

Dame– This gives you a really nice copper finish. (Especially with a black base gel)

Spring Fling– This gives you a pinkish, greenish almost unicorn horn-like effect.

Virgin– Virgin will give you a pearly white finish like this.

Vixen– This shade gives a nice bronzy finish.

Summer Crush– This gives a nice baby blue and gold chrome effect.

This is the liquid chrome shade spring fling from Function of Vex


You’ve just learned the colorful nail art of liquid chrome nails. With these five simple steps, you can achieve that jaw-dropping chrome look without the mess or hassle. Whether you’re going for a futuristic concert vibe or just want your nails to stand out, liquid chrome is your secret weapon for easy, flawless, and stunning nails with a metallic finish. Get ready to show off your shiny chrome nails to the world!


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