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5 Cons of Acrylic Nails: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about getting acrylic nails? Well here are 5 cons to having acrylic nails to think about before getting them done at the nail salon. The majority of these drawbacks are secret cons most people don’t know about.

1.Nail Damage

One of the biggest drawbacks to getting acrylic nails, is the damage that comes with it. This mainly happens during the application process or the removal process.

Application- The 1st thing your nail technician does before applying your acrylic nail extensions is prepping your nails to make sure the nail enhancement sticks to your nails. Where the damage comes in with this step is during the nail buffing step. When buffing blocks or an electric file are used aggressively to prep the nail, the result is a thin flimsy nail. Your nails like a deck of cards have a set amount of layers. That is why over buffing them thins them out

Removal process- Acrylic is a very hard substance and can not be removed exactly like soak-off gels. The bulk of the product does need to be filed off either with electric file or hand nail files. The issue comes in when your nail tech tries to file 100% of the acrylic product off with an electric file. This is because it is very hard to file acrylic extensions completely off without hitting and overfiling the natural nail. A better option is to file off the bulk of the product and soak off the thin layer of the product left. The majority of salons are pressed for time so don’t end up doing this. If your tech overfiled your nails when removing the acrylic product, the resulting nails will be thin.

If you have experienced any damage or thinness after an acrylic treatment, don’t worry it’s not permanent. In fact, the health of your nails can be restored with the power of a simple nail routine. If you are ready to grow healthy nails you can be proud of, then join the waitlist of my exclusive nail health club opening again soon. Join the Waitlist Here

2.Not for Every Lifestyle

Acrylic nails are not for every lifestyle. If you have a very active lifestyle where you do a lot of activities with your hands this type of manicure is not the best option for you. This is because acrylic is the hardest type of artificial nail. So once the acrylic is applied to your nails, it sticks very firmly to your nail bed. If you are constantly banging your nails into things and that acrylic cracks, your real nails can break underneath. 

cons of acrylic nails

3.Nail Soreness and Pain

One thing that is just not talked about enough is the soreness and pain that comes from these acrylic nail treatments. Your nails are not sandpaper. When your nail is filed way too far down, it causes a stinging and sensitive sensation. This is because your nails aren’t just for beauty, they are there to protect the skin underneath your nail. When the protective layer of your nails is being filed away, it affects the overall health of your natural nail. 

I can’t tell you how many times I heard from clients I’m helping them recover from acrylic damage, how sore their nails feel weeks and months after a bad acrylic job. Your nails have soft tissue underneath and need to be handled with absolute care.

cons of acrylic nails

4.Risk of Allergic Reactions

Like other nail enhancements(ex: gel nails and dip powder), there is a risk of having an allergic reaction resulting from the product. Allergic reactions from acrylic can happen for a few reasons and here is what I recommend watching out for to prevent it. Not all nail technicians understand the chemistry behind acrylic products(the liquid and powder mix is a chemical reaction). So don’t allow your nail tech to get any acrylic product on your skin during the application process. This is because when you get acrylic gel on your skin, you overexpose yourself to the acrylic product.

Overtime, your body will have enough and the result is an allergic reaction. It’s really important that the acrylic substance is handled properly and does not get on your skin.

cons of acrylic nails

5.Fungal Infections or Bacterial Infections

Infections on your nails can happen for many reasons, but here are 2 things to look for in order to prevent it.

Go to a clean salon- Not all salons, keep up the regular maintenance of their equipment and tools. If the salon is not using a new file for every client, that is a huge red flag. Nail files are made of cardboard. If water gets inside, bacteria can easily spread from one client to another. Also, if the salon just does not look clean, I would not recommend getting your nails done there

Watch Out for Product Lifting- If your acrylic starts lifting, handle that immediately by removing the enhancement. This is because moisture and bacteria can get underneath the nail and cause your nail to turn green. This is more commonly known as the nail greenies. I of course don’t want you to get this, so make sure your acrylic nails is sticking to the surface of your natural nails at all times.

There you have it. These are the 5 cons of getting your acrylic nails. Now whether or not you decide to get acrylic manicures is totally up to you. I’m just here to help you make an informed decision so you decide if this is a good option for you.

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What is another nail enhancement that is a healthier alternative to acrylics?

A healthier alternative to acrylics would be soft gel products(not hard gel). A soft gel manicure lasts a good 2 weeks and is pretty easy to remove with certain gel products. Products like IKON.IQ nails(this product is also hypoallergenic and read more here), Kokoist Nail Thoughts Line, and CND Shellac manicures are very easy to remove. These products pretty much pop right off.

Gel vs Acrylic?

Acrylic is a very hard substance that forms with a combination of liquid monomer. 

Gel has different levels of hardness based on the type of gel and is hardened when the gel is exposed to UV light in a uv lamp. 

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