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3 Ways to Care for Your Cuticles without Cutting Them

Want to know how to care for your cuticles and avoid those cuticle nippers? Then find out the best way to remove your cuticles for healthy nails.

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Why You Don’t Want to Cut Your Cuticles?

Contrary to popular belief, your cuticles are not the surrounding skin on your nails. In fact, cutting the skin around your nails irritates it which causes it to peel and grow out even rougher. Why?! Because that skin around your nail plate is alive. If you cut or pick at this skin, it will actually cause the skin to get worse.

Your nail cuticles refer to the dead skin on your nails like in the photo below. In order to take care of your cuticles, you only need to remove the dead powdery skin. Proper cuticle care like this will maintain the health of your nails.

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how to care for your cuticles

3 Ways to Care for Your Cuticle

1.Use Cuticle Remover to Remove your cuticles

The cuticle is the dead white powdery skin at the base of your nail. In order to remove it, you 1st gently push the skin on your nails back. You then apply the cuticle remover for no longer than a minute. You then gently take your cuticle pusher and remover this dead skin from your nails. After that, you quickly rinse your nails with warm water. This is how you remove your cuticles to keep your nails healthy.

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2.Moistruize Nails Daily

Cuticle Oil is your best friend when it comes to nail care. Apply some oil to your nails on a daily basis will reduce excess dryness on your nails. As an added bonus, using nail oil is great for nail growth. You can use olive or jojoba oil You can also use premade oil like the one I have from Bliss Kiss(Amazon Storefront) to make the application easier.

3.Lock in Moisture

When the winter time comes, the air gets a lot drier. This of course makes your nails feel even drier than usual. That is why applying cuticle oil on your nails and then applying petroleum jelly on top is a great way to seal the moisture into your nails. This is more popularly known as nail slugging and will keep your nails moisturized for longer periods.

What to do About the Extra Skin on the Nails?

The extra skin that grows out on your nails is not the cuticle. This skin is called the proximal fold. What ends up happening sometimes is that the proximal nail fold gets stuck on the cuticle area of your nails. The solution to dealing with this is to soften and push back this skin weekly to reduce its appearance.  I do not recommend to trim this excess skin. It will only 

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Why does my nail technician remove this skin when I go to the nail salon?

Often when you go to the nail salon, your nail tech’s goal is to make your nails look nice on the surface and to get you in and out. Because they have so many clients to deal with, they have to prioritize speed over health.

What is the proximal nail fold?

The proximal nail fold is the live skin at the base of the nail that helps protect your nail risk of infection. It’s often identified incorrectly as the cuticle and that is why it is often removed. The proximal fold plays an important role in nail health and should not be removed in the nail care process

What About the dry manicure?

The dry manicure is a very popular manicure style that is trending on social media. Despite its popularity, cutting so much of the skin around your nail bed is not ideal for your nail health.

Do you need cuticle cream?

Cuticle cream is great for softening and rough dry skin around the nails.

Will taking care of my cuticle help with nail growth?

Taking care of your cuticle is essential for nail care. However, if you are looking for a way to start growing your nails, I recommend checking out the blog post I wrote on the best oils to use for nail growth(olive oil, jojoba oil etc).

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