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3 Ways Nail Biting Affects Your Teeth and How to Stop

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Nail biting is a common nervous habit that many people(20% of adults in the United States). It might seem like a harmless habit, but did you know that nail biting can actually affect your dental health? In this blog, I’ll break down three ways that nail biting can have adverse effects on your teeth and share three helpful tips to stop this difficult habit.

A photo of a woman biting her nails.

What Does Nail Biting Do to Your Teeth?

1. Teeth Chipping and Cracking Your 

Teeth are strong, but constantly biting on your nail beds can make them weaker over time. Just like using your teeth to open a glass bottle of soda, nail biting puts additional stress on your teeth. This can lead to chipping or even small cracks on your top and lower teeth in severe cases.

Tooth can chip overtime with nail biting

2. Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching 

Nail biting often happens when you’re nervous or stressed. This can make you clench your jaw bone or grind your teeth, which isn’t good for your oral health. It can hurt your gum tissue and even can lead to tooth enamel or jaw problems.

3. Risk of Infection 

Your hands can pick up lots of germs and bacteria throughout the day, which hide under your nails. When you bite your nails, those germs can go into your mouth, which leads to an increased risk of an infection and other health issues. Note: It can lead to a nail infection as well.

3 New Ways to Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is often considered just a ‘bad habit’, but it’s important to remember that you nail bite for a reason. The best way to stop is to replace your nail biting habit and reduce the urge. I’ve helped thousands of people who bite their nails on TikTok. These are the tools I found to help them stop nail biting the most. And the good news is that it’s not the traditional stress ball, rubber band, and bitter polish method that’s usually recommended to nail biters.

1. Fidget Spinner Ring 

Since nail biting often happens when you’re feeling anxious or stressed, finding a new way to keep your hands busy can really help. A fidget spinner ring is a cool tool that you can spin around, keeping your hands occupied and away from your mouth. These rings are a great coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. The best part is they look just like jewelry. No one will even notice you are using a fidget. Note: Fidget spinner rings and fidget spinners are not the same tool. If you’re interested in a fidget spinner ring, these are the ones I recommend from Amazon(Check out Here)

A fidget spinner ring to help stop nail biting.

2. Pressure Ring

When you’re feeling stressed, you might notice that your hands start fidgeting. A pressure ring is a simple tool that you can roll up and down your finger, creating a soothing sensation that can help you manage stress without biting your nails. I like to get a pack of pressure rings from Amazon(Check it Out Here).

Pressure ring to help replace nail biting

3. Cuticle Oil 

Sometimes, rough and dry skin around your nails can give you the urge to bite because you just want to fix the rough skin on your nails. Using cuticle oil can help soften the skin, making it less tempting to nibble on your nails. Plus, it’s a great way to take care of your overall nail health. Note: I like to get my cuticle oil pens from Bliss Kiss on Amazon(Check it Out Here).

Cuticle oil to keep the nails moisturized


Habitual nail biting is a common habit, but it can actually have negative effects on the health of your teeth(ex: developing a chronic teeth-grinding habit). Remember, taking care of your teeth means working on stopping nail biting. With the right tools like fidget spinner rings, pressure rings, and cuticle oil, you can replace this habit and keep your teeth healthy. So, don’t be ashamed – you take action and say goodbye to the nail-biting habit! Your teeth will thank you for it.

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