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3 Secret Benefits of the Glass Nail File

Thinking of trying glass files? Well here are the 3 hidden benefits of the glass nail file that lead to healthier natural nails.

What is a glass nail file?

Glass or crystal nail files are nail files that are made from glass. This is unlike the regular nail files on the market that have a more abrasive surface and are made from paper of metal.

3 Benefits of Glass Nail Files

1. Won’t Cause Nail Peeling and Breaking

One of the key benefits of a glass nail file is its gentler surface. Unlike metal files and traditional emery boards, using a glass nail file is way softer. So it won’t cause jags and splits on the edge of your nails. So if you ever used a classic nail file, and were confused about why your nails would peel. This is a sign that your nail file was way too rough, and switching to a glass nail file can prevent this issue from happening.

However, if you have annoying nail peels on your nails and you want to know how to deal with them ASAP. Then check out my nail rescue guide below which helps you solve your most common nail care problems.

2.Easy to Clean

Another great benefit of the glass nail file is that it is very easy to clean. This is because it has a glass surface. But, why does this matter? Well, one easy way for nail bacteria to spread is through traditional files. Traditional files are made of paper. When they get wet, they can store bacteria. So if you keep using the same paper file without changing it, you increase your risk of getting a nail fungal infection.

That is why having a glass nail file that you can easily rinse off with warm water is a great way to avoid this issue.

Glass Nail File I Recommend BonaFide Beauty: Amazon Storefront

3.Last Longer

A hidden benefit of a glass nail file is that it lasts longer than traditional nail files. Emery files can last you up to 4 to 5 files which is about a month. Glass nail files on the other hand can last you up to a year with proper maintenance(rinsing off your file with water). So if you want to save time and not have to constantly buy new emery boards, then I recommend making the switch to glass files.

A glass nail file is a great nail tool to add to your nail care routine if you want healthier and stronger nails. If you want to know how to get a smoother nail edge today, then I recommend checking out the glass nail files from BonaFide Beauty(Amazon Storefront)

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What glass or crystal files do you recommend?

I recommend the Bonafide Beauty files made in the Czech Republic. These are high-quality glass nail files that are gentle yet very effective. I would not recommend getting the glass nail files that are 10 dollars for 3 or 5 files. Those files are usually dull and you are just going to waste your money.

Can you use a glass file on artificial nails?

I would not recommend using a glass nail file on fake nails. Fake nails are made of plastic and need a rougher file like metal nail files to file through them.

Are crystal glass nail files the same as glass?

Yes, glass and crystal nail files are the same thing.

Are glass nail files great for brittle nails?

Yes, glass nail files are great for brittle or fragile nails. They are very gentle and won’t cause in further nail problems. If you are interested in learning about ways to grow your nails, I recommend checking out this blog here 8 of the best oils for nail growth.

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